Mahdi Shekari
7 days ago
💫✅ I want to introduce you to one of the best and newest crypto exchanges, the name of this exchange is #Atlantis , which I currently operate in both American and global versions, this exchange has four popular tokens that are #aBTC (green bitcoin) #CUC , #ATC , and #AC are By registering and referring to the exchange, you will receive CUC currency,

link to register at the exchange 👇👇

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Mahdi Shekari
14 days ago
🔥🔥🔥 Atlantis Coin to Start Trading on Coinsbit 🔥🔥🔥

💥 Pair:  ATC / USDT

💥 When:  01/25/2023, 10:00 GMT+2

💥 What:  ≥10000% price changes expected

💥 Where:

💠 ATC is a green cryptocurrency developed on the Binance Smart Chain for Metaverse Applications, which is a native token for MetaPay.

© Smart-contract:
0x0fAD86Cc1b412b330494E350Bf1dC1994AC55c9e (

✅ Follow the links below for more info:

~ Website (
~ Twitter (
~ Facebook (http
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24 days ago (E)
Almost weekend guys! You gonna party hard or are you gonna hunt some shitcoins and watch charts all day? #cryptobar #favoom
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mahdi mirzaei
27 days ago (E)
Remember that #NEXTSHIB 's catchy meme coin and #favoom 's social token are sisters.

In the near future, #NEXTSHIB and #favoom tokens and #NEXT coin (NSC) will be part of the payment options in the #favoom wallet.
Other digital currencies will require permission from #favoom to integrate into the #favoom payment network.
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Mahdi Shekari
27 days ago
💫#Atlantiscex Atlantis Exchange Mobile App Coming Soon🔥 #Atlantis #aBTC #ATC #AC #CUC
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Mahdi Shekari
28 days ago
🚀 Cryptocurrency market status on #Atlantiscex🥇

🚀 The most bullish coins 🚀
⏰ Date: 8/1/2023

$aBTC/AC   📈1165.0%
$ATC/AC     📈565.62%
$BTC/BUSD📈 25.0%
$BNB/BUSD📈 10.52%
$CUC/BUSD📈 4.65. %

☁️☁️ ☁️                  🌔     ☁️
            ☁️ ☁️    🚀
   ☁️                *       ☁️

Trade your favorite currencies here:

Buy #ATC on #ProBit and Transfer it to AtlantisCEX Global to Earn 100-200% Rewards/Year.
Join $ATC HYLP here: https://trade.atlantiscex....
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