mahdi mirzaei
26 days ago (E)
We invite digital currency fans to FAVOOM 7-star hotel for free instead of paying rent and getting lost in the noise of 3-star hotel on Twitter. This is better for everyone.

We have also prepared a magnificent banquet for the first people who enter the 7-star Favoom Hotel.

Those who accompanied us before the construction of this magnificent hotel will sit at the VIP table. (NEXTSHIB holders).

We will also provide the best 7-star Favoom hotel rooms to the first cryptocurrency project that announces its participation to us.
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mahdi mirzaei
27 days ago (E)
Soon NEXTSHIB holders will get 1,200,000 FAVOOM token rewards.
If you don't have NEXTSHIB yet, buy it and keep it.

contract adress:(BEP_20)

contract adress:(ERC_20)
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mahdi mirzaei
28 days ago (E)
Follow Atlantis Exchange. You will soon be amazed at Atlantis.
Mahdi Shekari
1 month ago
Thanks my friends for inviting me to the favoom project, That's great project👌
@mz63 @Mb_1322
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Mahdi Shekari
29 days ago
Atlantis exchange is a Fastest & Easiest Platform To Buy, Sell & Transfer Cryptocurrencies

For information about Atlantis exchange services, please go to the link below

@Ashoksha @mz63 @Mb_1322 @Darknessssss

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